Shape the Future of Floating Offshore Wind

TetraSpar Demonstrator ApS and its shareholders Shell, TEPCO RP, RWE, and Stiesdal Offshore are on a mission to discover groundbreaking solutions for floating offshore wind projects and the wider industry. Our focus is on reducing costs, mitigating technical uncertainties, enhancing health and safety measures, and minimizing environmental impacts.

To encourage such innovation, we're excited to announce:

The TetraSpar Innovation Challenge!

The Deadline has passed. Submissions for the TetraSpar Innovation Challenge is closed. If you have questions regarding your submission please contact us directly.

Accelerate floating offshore wind

The goal of this challenge is to fast-track the development and demonstration of pioneering solutions tailored to floating offshore wind projects or the wider industry, that can reduce the cost, technical risk, health and safety risk or impact to the environment.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the TetraSpar Innovation Challenge. With this competition we want to celebrate the spirit of innovation.

The climate is changing at a worryingly fast rate, and we see a good opportunity for the winning solutions to contribute to the advancement of floating offshore wind, making it a cost-effective and sustainable energy solution for a wide range of coastal economies.

We cannot wait to see what bright minds out there can come up with!

Henrik Stiesdal
Chairman of the board of directors of TetraSpar Demonstrator

Scope of the challenge

The TetraSpar Innovation Challenge welcomes solutions that can be demonstrated under real-life conditions on the TetraSpar Demonstrator floating wind turbine in full operation at the Marine Energy Test Centre (METCentre) in Norway. We aim to identify physical solutions, such as data measuring and recording equipment, and desk-based research projects or digital products.

Support offer

We will support winning applicants by providing them with information from the TetraSpar Demonstrator's extensive data collection program as well as an opportunity to work closely together with the consortium of leading floating offshore wind players - Shell, TEPCO RP, RWE and Stiesdal Offshore.

This data can be used to validate digital tools and models, or inform research projects. We can also provide access to the TetraSpar Demonstrator for the installation of equipment, subject to feasibility and risk assessments.

Who can participate?

We invite submissions from companies, start-ups, and research or academic organizations worldwide. Collaborative efforts between multiple entities, as well as interdisciplinary teams, are highly encouraged. This competition is an opportunity for innovative thinkers and passionate experts in the fields of renewable energy, engineering, environmental sciences, and data analytics to showcase their creativity and contribute to the sustainable future of floating offshore wind technology.

All submissions should clearly demonstrate the feasibility, scalability, and potential impact of the proposed solution within the offshore wind industry.

Further details

While we're open to all exciting innovations, please note that proposals requiring significant offshore works or structural modifications may not be successful due to planning and implementation timeframes, as well as potential risks to existing infrastructure.

Additionally, any equipment deployment requiring significant changes to project consent conditions will not be considered. Innovations that can be implemented to deliver results quickly (e.g., 1-2 years from project kick-off) will be prioritized.

Next Steps

  • 1

    Open for Applications

    May 16th
  • 2

    Application Deadline

    July 30th
  • 3

    Shortlisted Innovations Contacted

  • 4

    Finalists Meetings with Judging Panel

  • 5

    Winners Announced

    End of September 2023


Logo Shell

Shell Renewables and Energy Solutions focuses on building an integrated power business that offers low or no-carbon and renewable energy solutions to customers. Their comprehensive portfolio covers trading, generation, and supply, providing a diverse range of energy options, including hydrogen, solar, wind, and electric vehicle charging, while also utilizing nature and technology to capture emissions from hard-to-abate sectors.

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Logo Tepco

TEPCO RP is the specialized renewable energy subsidiary of Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc., the largest power company in Japan. With approximately 10 gigawatts of hydroelectric, wind, and solar power facilities, TEPCO RP employs an all-encompassing business model covering planning, construction, operation and maintenance. As Japan aims to increase its renewable energy capacity, TEPCO RP is proactively working to accelerate the development of our offshore wind business both domestically and internationally.

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Logo RWE

RWE is committed to a greener energy future and plans to expand its green generation capacity to 50 gigawatts by 2030, investing more than €50 billion in this decade. Their company covers the entire offshore wind value chain from project conception and development to construction, operation and maintenance. RWE is operating 19 offshore wind farms across five countries and currently has two large-scale offshore wind farms under construction. RWE is also well on track to becoming a market leader in floating wind, and in addition to winning a tender for a 1.6 GW floating wind project in California has been selected as a qualified bidder for commercial floating projects in France and is exploring floating wind opportunities in other European markets and the APAC region. To build up experience in advance, RWE is also participating in various floating demonstration projects.

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Logo Stiesdal Offshore

Stiesdal Offshore is part of Stiesdal A/S, a climate technology company, headquartered in Copenhagen with locations in Give and Aarhus. The company operates four subsidiaries, each with a focus on their own green technology within floating offshore wind, energy storage, hydrogen, and carbon capture and storage combined with green fuel production.

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